ISCOUT4.0 Series


ISCOUT4.0 Series

ISCOUT4.0 Series of devices helping you to connect to machines for extracting vital data about their health, production and quality


 Enables you to connect information about critical events happening at the manual work stations and send alerts to the right supervisor.  Provides dashboard on mobile to the supervisor to monitor his machines and respond to the events better 


 Connects with your CNC machine and collect vital production data like production counts, sends alerts based on threshold, part rate and machine idle time. Provide mobile based Enterprise explorer to browse through your plants, production lines up to the machine and monitor the machine production.  


Underground Water is precious. We understand importance of monitoring underground water level, its recharge and consumption. This monitoring provides deep insight to bore-well owners, the local bodies and the Government at large to monitor and help improve the underground water situation of our country